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Fred Realness

Fred Realness means hard work! He teaches all the dance related fitness classes for Safe in Motion!
Fred has a background in the UK fitness industry, he qualified with The Holmes Place personal training academy and The London Central YMCA and worked in the leisure industry for 20 years. Fred is also one of the leading Popping and Locking teachers in the UK.
Fred has a passion for teaching the correct techniques and advising street dancers on strength and conditioning exercises to improve health and safety in dance. He has worked extensively with pioneers such as Greg Campbellock jr from the Lockers.
Fred has been lecturing at East London University for the last 9 years and runs lectures on Safe Dance Practice and Injury prevention for street dancers.
Companies such as Breakin Convention London, Urban Strides Buckinghamshire, Elite Locking Camp Las Vegas, Dap Dance Switzerland & Funkadelik Dance in Croatia regularly invite Fred to teach at their events.

Tanja Steiner BSc

Tanja Steiner BSc connects your mind and your body. She teaches workshops and lectures about mental training.

Tanja experienced the life as an athlete in competitive sports herself. Her biggest achievements are the european champion of vaulting 2009 and the bronze medal in the european championship of vaulting in 2005.

She is now a vaulting instructor and BSc in Management and economic science and a mental-trainer specialised in professional athletes and amateurs.

Madlen Schranz

Madlen Schranz gives lectures about dancers nutrition for Safe in Motion.

She knows how to help you optimize your performance with the right nutrition.

Madlen is a dancer herself, as well as a licensed personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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