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Arūnas Mozūraitis

Arūnas Mozūraitis aka ARU, G-House Crew and DECA Protocol Dance Company

I have met Bekky during my Dance Education in Sweden. It was an unexpected meeting but it turned out to be something that was really needed. Her knowledge about Dancers and how their bodies are structured and built is high level and her explanations are well structured and understandable for everyone. I had a treatment, because I had pain in my neck and grain due to overstretching and her touch, basically healed me, it was fast and effective and after that, I was more aware of my injuries and how to prevent them. I wish I could have had more time to take more advices from her on how to take care of my body and what are the best ways of prolonging my career as a professional dancer. She has a huge ‘basket’ of knowledge and she is happy to share with everyone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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